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FAWAZZY – a ‘Risky and Sweet’ Adventure in Music

New EP – Risky and Sweet




Fawazzy is perhaps one of the artists whose songs sound so exceptional in Nigeria’s music industry today. The kind of artist you listen to and you affirm to the uniqueness of his sound, style and melody. He exhumes the confidence and talent akin to any global music star who takes their craft passionately.

With a new E-P that would keep your earbuds plugged in or get you nodding to the rhythmic sounds oozing out of your car, we had a chat in his apartment where the sensational singer opened up to OnlinePikin




I’m half Lebanese and half Nigerian….. Real names are Patrick Fawaz Ibrahim. Born and raised in Kano and Cross Rivers State, Nigeria.

Brief Musical Journey:

Started as a drummer boy in school, was into acting and singing. Had few inspirations like Nollywood actor, Ramsey Nouah, singers like Styl-Plus, Usher, Chris Brown, Plantashun Boiz.  Although as time goes on, I started looking at young artists of the new generation.

Started music professionally at the University of Abuja where I studied mass communication. Got my first record deal in 2018 with Strt Wyze Records.

Fawazzy collabos – Magnito & Koker


I create unique songs from inspiration filled with melodies, harmonies that keep fans happy always. I’m not so fascinated about trends in music. I focus on creating quality work that gives deeper values to listeners. My songs heal while giving an exciting feeling.



I love and respect everyone who listen to my music. Y’all are the real MVPs for supporting my work/craft.



Greatness in the coming years, I’ll keep working and optimistic to be bigger than my expectations in few years.



There is no friend in the music industry. When you come in, come in with your faith, your talent and keep working on your craft.







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