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Woman Calls Out Indiana Pastor For Taking Her Virginity At Age 16

A 65-year-old Indiana church pastor opened up to his congregation and revealed that he sinned by engaging in adultery about two decades ago, during the shocking confession a woman stepped forward and revealed she was his victim at the age of just 16.

“I committed adultery. It was nearly 20 years ago,” Pastor John Lowe II shared with his congregation. “To say it plainly, I didn’t make a mistake, I didn’t have an issue, I didn’t have an affair, I didn’t make a misjudgment — I sinned. I need to say that, and you deserve to hear it, If I could go back and redo it all, I would. I can’t. All I can do is ask you to forgive me,” Lowe announced from the podium.

He then goes to tell the church he is stepping down from the ministry and received a round of applause. But moments later a woman walked up to the podium with her husband and that’s when things took a turn. “For 27 years I lived in a prison. It was not 20 years … I was just 16 when you took my virginity on your office floor. Do you remember that? I know you do,” the woman, now in her 40s, told Lowe.

“I lived in a prison of lies and pain. Lying to protect the Lowe family. I thought I was a horrible person having suicidal thoughts, not realizing what had truly been done to me,” she said.

“The church deserves to know the truth. This church has been built on lies, but no more. The lies need to stop,” she said.

“You did things to my teenage body that had never and should have never been done,” she said. “If you can’t admit to the truth, you have to answer to God. You are not the victim here. People knew but were too afraid to come forward.

“I was a prisoner, and you kept me in your prison. I’m a prisoner no longer,” the woman added before turning to Lowe’s adult son and saying, “Your dad is not the victim here — a partial truth is not true.”

When one congregant spoke of the age at which the woman said Lowe started his relationship with her, the pastor whispered, “Sixteen years old, OK. It was wrong.”

The woman’s husband then goes off on pastor Lowe. Telling him, that what he did was not only adultery but another level when a teenager is involved.

“It’s not just adultery. It’s another level when it’s a teenager and I will not let this man talk about my wife like that. It happened for nine years … People have to be held accountable,” he said, according to Fox News.

“They can’t just bamboozle people and say, ‘I just committed adultery.’ It was far beyond adultery,” he added.

New Life Christian Church and World Outreach released a statement saying that “this long-held secret first came to light when a woman in the church came forward and disclosed the relationship to various people within the church.

“When confronted by others in church leadership concerning that report, Pastor Lowe confessed privately that the adultery did, in fact, occur.”

“In the wake of what has now been revealed, we are hurting and broken for a woman who has lovingly attended and served in the church for many years, as well as for her husband and family,” the church continued.

“It is our deepest prayer and commitment to love, support, encourage and help her through a process of healing in any way in which we are able,” it said.

“New Life is likewise devoted to ministering to and with all of our members through this difficult season, that we might not only survive this, but experience together abundant grace, unity healing — all for the glory of God, and the preservation of His church,” the statement said.



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