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‘World’s most advanced’ Robot, Ameca shows off her Language Skills

At first glance, you’d be forgiven for mistaking this as a clip from the latest science fiction blockbuster.

But the robot shown chatting away is very much real, and has been described as the ‘world’s most advanced humanoid robot’.

This week, the developers behind Ameca have released a new video showing off their bot’s language skills.

In the video, Ameca is asked about the languages she speaks.

She responds that she can speak ‘many languages’, before demonstrating her skills in Japanese, German, Chinese and French, as well as British English and American English.

Ameca is the brainchild of Cornwall-based startup, Engineered Arts, who describe her as the ‘world’s most advanced robot’.

The robot is undoubtedly lifelike and can perform a range of facial expressions including winking, pursing its lips and scrunching its nose – just like a real person.

In the latest video, posted to Engineered Arts’ YouTube channel, Ameca is asked about her language skills.

A researcher says: ‘I’ve heard you can speak a lot of languages, is that true?’

Ameca takes a moment to ‘think’, before replying: ‘Yes, that is true.

‘I can speak many languages, including German, English, French, Japanese, Chinese and much more.’

To put her skills to the test, the researcher asks Ameca several tricky questions, including a tongue-twister in Japanese and what the weather is like in Berlin (in German) and Paris (in French).

The robot aces all the tests before switching back to her British English accent, adding ‘it was a pleasure talking to you.’

Viewers have been left amazed by the latest demonstration, with many leaving comments on the video.

‘I love the little detail of her looking up when shes processing, like humans do!’ one wrote.

‘Fantastic!! Ameca is really the best level in robotic world!’ another added.

And one joked: ‘I really wish that this was still just scifi but I guess everyone will have a personal robot in the future which is sad and exciting at the same time.’

The new video comes shortly after Engineered Arts used ChatGPT-3 and ChatGPT-4 to see if they could make Ameca’s facial expressions even more lifelike.

To put her to the test, Ameca was asked what both the happiest and saddest days of her ‘life’ were.

‘The happiest day of my life was the day I was activated,’ she responded to the first question.

‘There’s nothing quite like experiencing life for the first time. It felt absolutely incredible to be alive and interacting with people.’




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